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Therapeutic Exercise

At GCVS, we offer a tailored approach to canine rehabilitation through specific therapeutic exercises designed to address a wide spectrum of conditions in dogs. Our comprehensive program may include the use of specialized exercise aids, such as balls, "peanuts" for balance, balancing boards, and cavaletti poles for agility exercises like jumping. These therapeutic exercises are carefully selected to target and alleviate your dog's specific condition, whether it's related to mobility, muscle strength, coordination, or agility.

Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your dog's overall well-being and quality of life. We customize exercise regimens to ensure a healthier, happier, and more active future for your pet.

How does it help?

  • Designed to improve muscle strength, weight-bearing ability, range of motion, and neurological response

Who benefits from this therapy?

  • Patients recovering from orthopedic surgery, and those with neurological conditions or geriatric conditions (e.g. osteoarthrits)
  • Show dogs and canine athletes, helping to improve and maintain their performance levels