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Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation

For over 100 years, physical therapy has assisted human patients in recovering from injuries, illnesses, and surgeries by improving function and alleviating pain. At Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, we aim to achieve similar results for your recovering pet.

Our primary goal is to safely return your pet to an optimal level of function as quickly as possible, minimizing 'downtime' and psychological distress for both you and your pet. Additional rehabilitation goals include increasing joint motion, improving muscle strength and coordination, reducing pain and inflammation, restoring balance and endurance, and improving body composition (reducing fat and gaining muscle).

Upon referral from your primary veterinarian or surgeon, your pet will be evaluated to identify the limitations and goals for restoring your pet’s quality of life. We will determine the most appropriate treatments and implement them in our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with underwater treadmills, cold lasers, therapeutic exercise equipment, and shockwave therapy. Additionally, you will receive instructions on techniques to reinforce these treatments at home, further enhancing your pet’s recovery.

Rehabilitation Services

Our comprehensive care includes a full spectrum of rehabilitation services:


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