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Anesthesia & Pain Management

While we realize anesthesia can be safely managed for a high percentage of animal patients, there are instances where dangers can arise, especially in higher risk patients.

Our on-site anesthesia service ensures the highest standard of veterinary anesthetic care is applied to every procedure and that appropriate avenues of pain management are addressed. Our board-certified anesthesiologists educate and work closely with the veterinarians and technical staff at GCVS to assess your patient’s health status, develop a comprehensive anesthetic protocol, and provide continuous vital sign monitoring and supportive care using advanced, state-of-the-art equipment throughout an anesthetic event. This level of care enables us to offer advanced care for higher risk patients, as well as for routine surgical procedures.

Prior to anesthesia, each pet has a physical exam performed by a veterinarian to help determine the most appropriate anesthetic drug protocol for that particular patient, disease process, and procedure that patient will undergo. Throughout the entire anesthetic event, each patient will have their vital signs monitored, including heart rate, blood pressure, respirations, electrocardiogram (ECG), pulse oximetry, capnography, and continuous temperature monitoring, as well as any additional monitoring that may be needed, for example: mechanical ventilation, arterial blood pressure monitoring, constant rate infusions of analgesic and anesthetic medications, vasopressor therapy, and arterial blood gas evaluation. Patients have an IV catheter placed to receive fluids as well as any medications needed, and are constantly monitored by a member of the anesthesia team until their procedure is finished, the pet is awake and resting comfortably.

For those pets that are of high risk for anesthesia, including those with heart disease, compromised disease states, and patients that require emergency surgery, the anesthesia team has the capabilities and expertise to create unique anesthetic protocols that cater to the specific needs of the patient to make their anesthetic event as safe as possible for your pet. We work alongside of each of the specialty services to provide the best care for all types of pets.


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