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Patient Admission Information

My pet is here to see doctor:

Reason for Visit Today

If you are dropping off your pet for a routine suture removal, bandage change, or recheck, your pet will be examined by the doctor. It is possible the doctor may not be available to speak with you at the time you pick up your pet due to scheduled appointments or surgery. If you are dropping your pet off for the day only, and you wish to guarantee that you speak with the doctor, we ask that you schedule an appointment now with the receptionist.


Pets rarely go home the same day they have surgery. Many calls are made after 6:00pm. We will call you after surgery. If you have not heard from us by 5:30pm, please feel free to call for an update.


For your pet's protection, a medication for flea control may be administered upon admission. Please speak to a technician for details if you have questions.


Please be assured that we provide comfortable quarters for all patients. We prefer that you do not leave valuable items at the hospital that could become misplaced or lost in the laundry. If you do leave personal items, please add identification. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for your pet's belongings.