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2023 Symposium




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Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists is proud to host our 2023 Veterinary Symposium for doctors and technicians at Moody Gardens in Galveston, TX. Our two-day conference includes presentations from board-certified specialists and licensed veterinary technicians. Our featured speakers from 14+ disciplines will be providing more than 22 hours of continuing education at no cost to our attendees!


August 19 and 20th

7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

17 Speakers

16 Hours of CE


Canine and Feline Pemphigus Foliaceus

Karin Beale, DVM DACVD, Dermatology & Allergy

Distal Long-Bone Fractures: R-U ready Ti-Bi-Afixed?

Philip Allen, DVM, DACVS, Surgery

Between Two Internists: Frequently Asked Consults

Paul Manino, DVM, DACVIM, Internal Medicine

Between Two Internists: Frequently Asked Consults

Daniel Jardes, DVM, DACVIM, Internal Medicine

Paul Manino, DVM, DACVIM, Internal Medicine

Sepsis won’t hesitate. Will you?

Hernan Bracho, DVM, MVZ, ESP, Critical Care

Surgical Intervention of Brachycephalic [Obstructive] Airway Syndrome

Kristin Coleman, DVM, MS, DACVS, Surgery

Degenerative Valve Disease: Practical Guide Management

Eric Owens, DVM, DACVIM, Cardiology

Backyard Chicken Medicine: What the cluck do I need to know?

Susan Baley, DVM, DABVP Avian and Exotics

Medial Patellar Luxation

Nathan Squire, VMD, MS, DACVS-SA, Surgery

Diagnosing and Approach to Treatment for Different Types of Corneal Ulcers

Robin Sankey, DVM, DACVO, Ophthalmology

Feline Pancreatitis

Melanie Puchot, DVM, DACVIM, Internal Medicine

Practical Tips for Blood Transfusions

Melissa Garcia-Lacaze, DVM, DACVECC, Critical Care

Discospondylitis: Brucie is NOT your friend

Carley Giovanella, DVM, DACVIM, Neurology

Orthopedic Problems in General Practice: Including radiograph acquisition/positioning and interpretation

Kyle Pfeifer, DVM, Resident, Diagnostic Imaging

Katie Pancini, DVM, Resident, Diagnostic Imaging

Caring for the Most Critical Patients First: The Art of Triage

Rhonda Dixon, DVM, Emergency


August 20th

9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

6 Speakers

6 Hours of CE


Urine, where does it come from, and what can it tell us?

Catherine Huff, LVT

Caring for the Most Critical Patients First: The Art of Triage

Rhonda Dixon, DVM

Blood Products & Transfusion Medicine for the Veterinary Technician

Alexia French, LVT

Science Behind Compassion Fatigue and Building Resiliency

Jeanna Wendt, DVM

A Balancing Act: Cultivating Culture

Samantha Hulbig, LVT

Cardiac Anatomy and the Interpretation of Common Electrical Muscular Abnormalities

Catherine Huff, LVT


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