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Department Information – Behavioral Therapy

Scheduling Appointments

To schedule appointments or ask a question, please call 713-693-1111 or email us at

Before the Appointment

Please fill out the Client Information and Patient Information forms prior to your appointment. Please make sure to list your regular veterinarian (if applicable) so that we can request your pet’s medical record so we can properly prepare for your pet’s visit.

Completing a detailed behavior history prior to the appointment allows Dr. Wrubel to develop the best plan of action for your pet’s behavior issue.

At the Appointment

Appointments are for one behavior issue and include only 1 pet, unless 2 animals are fighting in the same household (in that case they bring both fighting pets to the appointment). If owners can bring or send video footage ahead of time that is ideal.

The initial consultation will last 60-90 minutes (depending on the issue).

Aggressive dogs must be muzzled when they come in and leave the building (it is unlikely the muzzle will remain on during the consultation).


We will collect a detailed history and provide a personalized behavior modification plan for the pet. This plan may include suggestions regarding exercise, behavior modification techniques, management, and control.

A follow-up appointment may be recommended within 1-3 months and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Your veterinarian will be faxed your pet's behavior history, conclusions, and your pet's personalized behavior modification plan. Your pet’s veterinarian may prescribe behavioral medication if they feel it is a good adjunct to your pet’s treatment plan and would run bloodwork or conduct physical examinations or tests as needed.