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Behavioral Therapy

Behavior problems in pets are very common and can lead to frustration and a loss in quality of life for pets and their owners.  Issues such as aggression, compulsive behavior, anxiety, or house soiling may be the result of underlying medical conditions or environmental factors.   Behavioral Therapy takes a holistic approach, evaluating your pet from both a medical and behavioral perspective.

At Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists, our Animal Behaviorist has a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience and more than 25 years of experience studying animal behavior, with more than 15 years of experience treating companion animal behavior.  Focusing on positive-based behavior modification and training methods, our program treats dogs, cats, parrots (and other birds) for a myriad of behavioral conditions, including:

  • Aggression: Towards Strangers/Visitors, People in the Home, Other Animals (In or Outside of the Home), Predatory Behavior, Resource Guarding
  • Compulsive Behavior: Tail Chasing, Tail Biting, Shadow Chasing, Light Chasing, Compulsive Licking/Hair Pulling, Flank Sucking, Wool Sucking, Pica (eating non-food objects)
  • Anxiety/Phobias: Separation Anxiety; Fears & Phobias including Thunderstorms, People, Veterinarian Visits, Noises, Car Rides, and Generalized Anxiety (typically due to lack of socialization or genetics)
  • House Soiling & Urine Marking
  • Other Issues: Cognitive Dysfunction, Hyperactivity, Impulse Control Issues, Furniture Scratching, Attention-Seeking Behavior, New Baby Consultations

In close cooperation with you and your pet’s veterinarian, we will provide a personalized behavior modification plan for your pet. You will receive a diagnosis, behavioral explanation, prognosis, and treatment plan. We work with you, your pet and your pet’s veterinarian as a team; with the goal of producing long-lasting results.