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Surgery Pack and Scrub Assistant

It is the responsibility of the Surgery Pack and Scrub (P&S) Assistant to give attention to detail and quality control when handling surgical instrumentation in order to provide GCVS patients with sterile equipment for surgical procedures. This position requires flexibility to assist in many areas as delegated by the supervisors while timely managing the essential responsibilities of the Pack and Scrub room. They are responsible for attention to detail when hand cleaning surgical instrumentation, accuracy in putting together surgical packs, maintaining surgical implant inventory in packs, quality control for proper sterilization, and performing sterilization by autoclave and ethelyne oxide (EO). A P&S assistant must have good communication skills with the supervisors, doctors, ORTs, the Lead ORT, OR VTs, and other P&S assistants, in order to perform the work as delegated and produce quality results. Cleaning and stocking of all common areas is a daily activity that is required to maintain the standard level of care required at GCVS. This position requires a dependable, high energy person who can handle multiple tasks at one time as well as a high stress, fast pace environment.   Essential duties and responsibilities include the following.  This job description is designed to be a summary of job duties and it is not all inclusive. Additional duties may be delegated as required. The job description can be amended at the employer’s discretion if needs in the workplace change.
  • Be able to run autoclave, ETO sterilizer and clean all surgical equipment effectively.
  • Become Key Operator certified for the ETO sterilizer
  • Understand different sterilizer settings and indications
  • Recognize and report equipment problems to the supervisors
  • Maintain surgical laundry
  • Properly disassemble and reassemble surgical instrumentation for cleaning
  • Properly hand clean surgical instrumentation
  • Perform quality control by checking for instrument damage and ensuring no debris are left on instrumentation
  • Ensure packs are wrapped with appropriate materials so that sterility is maintained
  • Inspects pouches and packs for sterility
  We offer an excellent benefit package: Continuing Education, dues to professional associations, 401K plan, uniform allowance, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, health insurance, dental/vision insurance, life insurance, as well as long and short term disability. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter to

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