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Ophthalmology Technician

If you are outgoing, love animals, enjoy working with people, and are seeking a fast paced work environment that capitalize on your multi-tasking skills, then this position with Gulf Coast Veterinary Ophthalmology might be the right job for you!

We are seeking a full-time employee to work as the doctor’s right-hand, relaying information to our clients and staff while organizing the daily activities of the doctor. Ophthalmology technicians are also client advocates, ensuring the client needs and concerns are addressed on all levels.

Primary responsibilities include (but are not limited to) assisting with appointments, client communications, computer/data entry, and routine technical skills: venipuncture, IV catheter placement, anesthetic monitoring, specialized restraint. Employees will be trained by experienced staff and technicians to perform preliminary ophthalmic tests (tear film assessment, application of corneal stains, tonometry), advanced ophthalmic diagnostics (electroretinography, ocular/orbital ultrasonography), and ophthalmology-specific surgical assistance.

The ophthalmology technician is responsible for maintenance of medical, anesthesia, and surgery records/logs, anesthesia induction and maintenance, surgical preparation of patients, circulating in the operating room, assist during surgical procedures, immediate pre and post operative treatments and recovery of surgery patients.   

Our technicians manage our cases with a wide variety of pre and post-op medication protocols.  They continuously monitor patients during surgery or procedures and diagnostics with the assistance of pulse oximetry, ECG, capnography, Doppler blood pressure, and perform sterile assisting duties. 

Requirements: LVT with experience or new graduates welcome. Individuals with ophthalmology experience preferred.

Benefits include health insurance, 401k matching, uniform allowance, and deep discounts on pet services and medication. Other available employment benefits include competitive group rates on dental, vision, short-term disability, long term disability, and life insurance.

Oct 10