Neurology & Neurosurgery


Neurology is available to evaluate, diagnose and treat symptoms of neurologic dysfunction such as weakness, paralysis, back and neck pain, seizures, gait abnormalities, circling and balance disorders.

Our board-certified neurologists are trained in both medical neurology and neurosurgery, and utilize diagnostic techniques such as brain and spinal computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), spinal radiographs, myelography, cerebrospinal fluid analysis and electrodiagnostic testing to develop a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet. These treatments may include specialized medical care as well as surgery to treat such conditions as intervertebral disc extrusion, spinal fractures and brain and spinal tumors.

Our neurologists work closely with the other specialty groups at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists as well as your primary care veterinarian to provide balanced and complete care for your pet.

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