Oncology & Acupuncture

Gulf Coast Veterinary Oncology is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for pets living with cancer. Our team of board-certified veterinary medical and radiation oncologists provides chemotherapy, radiation therapy and acupuncture. We create a personalized treatment plan to meet the specific needs of you and your pet.

Our doctors act as an extension of your family veterinarian. We also collaborate with others in the field, including those in biomedical research and human oncology. This collaboration helps to expand the cancer knowledge base, and improve the level of care we can offer your pet. It allows us to offer innovative clinical trials, providing our patients access to evolving cancer treatments. Our practice is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation. Radiation therapy equipment includes a linear accelerator with electron beams and 3-D computerized radiation dosimetry linked to a spiral CT scanner. These allow precise radiation therapy treatments with maximum protection of normal tissues.

We recognize that a diagnosis of cancer can be disheartening. Our goal is to provide compassionate care and understanding by presenting as many options as possible so that you and your family can choose the best cancer therapy for your special friend.