On November 30th, his owner wrote about Alfie

“Dear Dr. Liska, Monica, and GCVS Staff,

It has been one year since Alfie had his first hip replacement surgery. The second surgery followed four months later. Those were trying times. We had to be very careful, and keep Alfie quiet.

Now, we are reaping the benefits of your expertise. It is extremely comforting, knowing that Alfie is not in pain. It brings me such great joy to see him run and chase his ball. His ball is everything to him. I think of you, and the passion you have for your work, each time he slides in for the catch. He is strong and he is healthy! He is beautiful and he is graceful!............ He is my best friend!

When we first came in for a consultation, I remember looking at the amazing dogs on your wall and reading their stories. One had come from Golden Beginnings where our Golden’s Suezy and Buster came from. Alfie came from Golden Retriever Rescue Houston.

Unlike the “Special” dogs on your wall, Alfie doesn’t carry any of those high credentials. He is not a Search and Rescue dog. He is not an Agility Champion. He is not a Blue Ribbon Show dog. However, in my eyes, he is the most “Special Dog” in the world.

He is my MY dog and I love him with all of my heart. He IS my little buddy.

Alfie is a marvel to behold. He is a lucky dog and will go on to live a pain free life, because of your dedication to helping animals. The money we spent on his surgery was worth EVERY single penny. I feel it when I watch him run.

I often wonder what your motivation to specialize in hip replacements was? Whatever that motivation was/is, I am grateful for it. It has been a blessing to my life and, most of all, to Alfie’s.

Wishing you, your family and your staff a beautiful holiday and many blessings for the way you change lives for the better.

Lisa and Alfie (The Wonder Dog- my buddy, my friend.)

P.S. The pictures above were taken at the River in Wimberley. This was Alfie’s reward for going through surgery. He had fun and is quite the water lover.”