"Malunion, Loving Companion"

Greta provided much enjoyment and companionship from the day she was found as a stray until the day she died. Prior to being found, she apparently sustained a femur fracture.  The fracture healed as a malunion (crooked) and led to arthritis about a year after she was found. The left hip replacement she received on December 13, 1995 provided pain relief and normal function for the rest of her life.She also had successful reconstructive knee surgery in 1999 and 2000 for injury to the anterior cruciate ligament on right and left side, respectively. Sadly, she was diagnosed with lymphoma that eventually led to her death. The memorial note below written by her owners is a true indication that she is missed and will always be remembered.

Greta came into our lives on July 20, 1993.  She was a stray in our neighborhood that we found on our front porch one evening.  We gave her a helping hand.  When she found us, she had heartworms.  We had her treated and then attempted to find a good home for her.  She already knew she found a good home…ours.  She immediately became a member of our family with a canine sister and brother, and 2 human guardians.  Greta blessed us with 9 years of loyalty, unconditional love, and joy. 
Greta was diagnosed with lymphoma in September 2001.  She bravely accepted the chemotherapy and radiation treatments to fight her disease.  Greta passed away on Monday, January 28, 2002 at 7:30pm.  Greta loved to be home. She passed bravely and naturally on her bed, on her rug, in her house with Woody and us by her side telling her we loved her.  We hope and pray that Greta is with Charley and they are happy together, keeping each other company until we can all be together once again.
Greta will always remain in our hearts. 
Hip replacements are most commonly performed to provide relief of pain from arthritis that develops secondary to hip dysplasia. Greta did not have hip dysplasia, but she did have a painful joint. The pain and mal-alignment were both resolved with the hip replacement. Greta’s problem illustrates another indication for hip replacements other than hip dysplasia.