Golden Beginnings came back to the “rescue”.  Money was raised over the Internet to pay for a total hip replacement.  As you can see, he was feeling just fine 2 days after surgery.  He needs a hip replacement on the right side also.  If enough donations are raised, the second side will be done when rehabilitation is complete in 2-3 months.  Meanwhile, the stack of adoption applications is growing.

Found A New Home

Meet Parker.  He hit a low in life in June 2000.  Probably no one will ever know how or why he got lost.  Found wandering the streets by a Good Samaritan, he was malnourished and was loaded with parasites including mange and heartworms.His luck (all bad to that point) started to change.  Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue Organization
( saw to it that his medical problems were treated.  He was placed in a foster home anticipating adoption.  There was just one problem for the beautiful happy calm boy.  He was whimpering with pain at night and lame during exercise.  Diagnosis (by Dr. Tom Vining in Houston): Hip Dysplasia with severe arthritis of both hips.

Contributed by William D. Liska, DVM, DACVS   Houston, Texas